Me and my partner Karim

My Health Story

I believe I have had SIBO and IBS since I was 19.  Overnight (literally) I went from being able to eat anything I wanted to having persistent systemic reactions to many foods.  After testing negative for Celiacs Disease, for almost ten years, I managed my symptoms on my own through diet.  In 2018 however, following several rounds of food poising, my symptoms got a lot worse.  Suddenly I had no safe foods.  Several months later, I was diagnosed with SIBO and finally started seeing a GI doctor.  I started treating my SIBO but it seemed to just get worse.  I also developed histamine intolerance which made my list of safe foods even smaller.  

My low point came in the winter of 2019/2020. After 6 weeks of the elemental diet and finally clearing my SIBO, I relapsed and got food poisoning.  At that point all food gave me intense symptoms.  I would have to lie in bed for several hours even after the most basic of meals.  My doctor recommended the GAPS diet.  I did a modified version of Phase 1 for 6 weeks.  This was the first significant improvement I saw in my GI symptoms in 10 years.  It cleared my histamine intolerance and I was able to start eating food again.  I continued to follow the SIBO Specific Food Guide and supplement with L-Glutamine, MotilPro, HCL and digestive enzymes.  I’m not entirely healed, but I’m happy to report that I have been able to introduce new foods into my diet including some that I had not eaten in 10 years.  

About our Baking

A picture of my dog with flour on his nose
My dog after he ate the paper bag off of a bag of flour and covered the floor with it’s contents. He does not have IBS.

My partner Karim also has IBS & SIBO.  And so between the two of us we have gotten very good at cooking and baking with many substitutions.  We have made breads and cookies and cakes, all without gluten and without gums.  Many are also sugar-free and egg-free.  Karim is Egyptian-American and we have also enjoyed (attempting) to adapt Egyptian recipes to fit our dietary needs.  

Most of our baking these days is with white rice flour and honey as a sweetener.  Kairm is allergic to eggs, so I try to substitute those out in many recipes as well.  As mentioned above, I try to roughly follow the SIBO Specific Food Guide, which is a modified low-fodmap approach.  

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the past two years is that SIBO and IBS can show up in very different ways for different people.  These recipes may work for you and they may not.  But if you follow a low-fodmap diet or the SIBO Specific Food Guide, these recipes will likely be pretty aligned with your dietary needs!

That all being said, fodmaps vary with portions.  A gluten-free, sugar-free cookie might be low-fodmap if you eat one or two but high-fodmap if you eat 10 (just a warning).

Most of the recipes on this site will be adaptations of other peoples recipes.  I will do my best to extensively site my sources and give credit where it is due!  I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as Karim and I have enjoyed them over the past few years.  Happy baking!